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Monday, 12 January 2015

Real estate: Why I need a CRM?

1/12/2015 12:39:00 pm

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Some of the players in the real estate sector are still asking the question – Why I need a CRM? In comparison to other domains such as pharmaceuticals and also financial services where the sales support and relationship management are ubiquitous, it is believed that the true value proposition for CRM tools in real estate has not been realized fully till now.  This is particularly odd because real estate industry is mainly relationship and sales driven, developed on commission incentives, enjoys complex referral models and also long sales cycles. The negotiations are not just complex and also the resulting transactions have been found to be unique in nature.

It is able to function in very competitive atmosphere where the tenant retention and also successful sales is in direct correlation to asset value and also rate of return.

CRM can support more than the sales function. Business relationships are managed throughout the company across functional departments. Few of the firms have not displayed their inclination towards CRM due to the robust number of initiatives. In simple terms one can state that these projects have not been well executed and did not review the important success criteria. Also, in the present host of technology issues in the evolving environment, CRM projects do not receive highest priority and also sponsorship from the high executives. This causes confusion about what a CRM is able to do and what it is not able to do.

Some of the top functions performed by a CRM are as follows –

- Centralization of tenant, investor and broker contacts all in one place - It is easy to centralize the contacts, categorize and segments the top prospects. This is one of the top most priorities of a CRM and what it is able to perform.

- Automating lead generation - It becomes possible to automate the lead generation process with a CRM from external lists, which helps in assignment of leads for qualification and also judge the lead conversion ratio.

- Mobility and email - The professionals working in this sector are by definition mobile. When a mobile is completely integrated with the email system, it becomes possible to view details while on the move.

- Automating and centralizing pipeline reporting – With the management of potential tenants centrally, it allows the firm with the needed access to the pipeline to the stakeholders. This helps in the creation of opportunities for cross selling with the sharing of details across reps, regions and also business units.

- Successfully meeting the expectations of prospects – Only a CRM is able to thoroughly manage relationships with clients and also helping the sales personnel in attaining the necessary goals and targets.

Some of the other features are –

- Property management system
- Using CRM for the management of operational communications with tenants
- Managing relationships and essential touch points with business partners
- Automating common business processes
- Strengthening growth

It has been seen that the benefits of CRM are not just clear but also compelling at the same time. The reality is that most of these processes are taking place in your firm but without the presence of a system to perform it in the most efficient manner.


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