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Monday, 12 January 2015

CRM can boost efficiency levels of tour & travel operators

1/12/2015 01:59:00 pm

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One of the most essential elements in the travel players is the service provided to the customers before the journey and the travel services during the journey. Although, the services used by the customer during the journey lies with the travel solutions partners but the journey can be made more client oriented with the usage of travel solutions for CRM tools.

Implementation of an effective CRM tool, the travel players can position themselves to take the business to the highest level by offering automated services to the customers.

When a CRM is able to integrate with varied services then only a holistic approach can be attained along with the automation of travel solutions. The matured processes has the ability to help in not just raising the systematic records with the existing customers but at the same time it also helps the travel firms in the expansion of the their business processes by reaching out and also responding to the potential customers.

There are varied CRM vendors that offered travel solutions to the companies. Many of these travel companies are making use of this CRM tool as a Launchpad for raising the business horizons.
Now, let us take a close look at some of the top advantages of using a CRM –

- Optimized business processes in varied essential departments across a company such as marketing, sales and client service.
- Lowering of process costs.
- Stronger, web-based access to all business partner data.
- Robust client loyalty due to the improved understanding of clients’ requirements.
- Easy access to client related data in a single database.
- Work completely web based making use of Internet connection.
- Quick and hassle free defining the number of  properties as search and filter criteria.
- Functioning in coordinated procedures.
- Campaign management.
- Offering sales and controlling departments with consolidated statistics and reports.
- Following strict approach towards data visibility.
- Bringing improvement in client data based on booking behavior.
- Easy integration of CRM with IT infrastructure within a firm.

The article is also available at http://www.basearticles.com/Article/45747/CRM-can-boost-efficiency-levels-of-tour--travel-operators.html


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