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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Social CRM to evolve significantly in 2015

1/13/2015 12:06:00 pm

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Both CRM and social CRM have undergone a lot of changes in the last few years. The change in CRM landscape is believed to be a two-way conversation. It focuses on listening, responding and also speaking intelligently. It is time that you stop dictating the clients about what you want. When social CRM is being discussed, it’s the clients who have the power and not you.

A CRM which offers basic functionalities won’t be able to tackle the demands as ‘era of social customer’ has emerged back. This is where social CRM comes handy in resolving quite a few issues. This does not mean that it is time to bid farewell to the established CRM technologies or platforms but to point out the face that the older platforms would be evolving for integrating social monitoring and intelligence platforms.

In this write up, I will focus on few of the predictions about social CRM this year –

- Enhanced plugins and integrations – The traditional CRM platforms are expected to witness higher number of integrations and social plugins.  These plugins will prove helpful in easy engagement with the help of social conversations, which will successfully push lead generation.

- Engagement gaining prominence as compared to monitoring – when monitoring is spoken about, it is more of ‘tracking’ activity. Clients adopting proactive approach towards engagement, it becomes easy to identify the prospective customers. In engagement, personalization is an essential part with research claiming that over 50% of clients speak about poor client servicing won’t get back a reply. This year, more companies are expecting to adopt the approach of quick and faster replies to tweets, comments on social media so that long term relations are established.

- Emotional driven rich data – It is expected that most companies would be adopting emotional intelligent techniques and also mine big data for understanding and also easy engagement with the clients on the social platforms.

- Higher count of client hash-tags to help discovery – In 2015, the popular use of has tags would be gaining prominence across varied social and online platforms. Clients want their issues to be resolved at the earliest and their experience is useful for company and the potential clients as well. Research shows that the hash-tag usage enhances the chances of organizations responding to a tweet or complaint significantly.

- Maximized insights from partnership in comparison to observation – Firms would be developing higher number of online communities and also creating enriched client insights from the partnerships. Clients will realize the relevance of collaborating with clients and take necessary steps in that regard.

- Strengthened authentic social CRM platforms – There are many traditional CRM vendors that claim they have a social CRM strategy available with them due to the rampant use of social media accounts.

- Developing online community – Organizations would be facing the requirement to develop online communities or even choose right social engagement plugins for the present CRM platforms. As the need for bringing improvement in social intelligent capabilities will rise, a collaborative culture would be needed between the organization and clients.

- Mobile friendly social CRM platforms – Most of the social CRM platforms are expected to offer mobile version along with dynamic interface.

As we are in the age of social customer and these clients would be controlling the varied conversations this year, it is likely that social CRM will successfully create a place for itself.

The article is also available http://salescrms.weebly.com/blog/social-crm-to-evolve-significantly-in-2015